Sunday, June 1, 2008

BSM: Perfect Party Post

What is it???? Something special arrived for the party in an absolutely adorable box...
It's a cake! I could not have asked for anything better...THE most expensive birthday cake that I have ever bought, but it was well worth it to see the look on my baby girl's face...
Dinner, friends, family, good food, love and laughter...the celebration is underway!
Oh, the gifts...MEB helps unwrapping big surprises... just what she wanted!
Cousins...this sweet little girl LOVES the birthday girl with her whole heart!

Nineteen years ago, on this very day, she came into my life. I was uncertain, much too young, and scared out of my mind...but when I took that little bundle into my arms, and she peered at me with such love, my heart melted immediately. She had the most exotic brown eyes, a little button nose, and a perfect red bow mouth. She was perfection in the truest form...THE most amazing gift that I have ever received...I am blessed to spend my life loving and taking care of this angel. I have been blessed every day since then.
Motherhood is so unpredictable...I have often felt the same uncertainty that I felt on the day of her birth...a cloud that hovers over me, causing me to worry that something I did would become the biggest mistake in her life...that I would mess up, and make her life miserable, or just be an altogether terrible parent. Even this is a many wish to be mothers and are unable.
She is the joy of my life, and no matter what challenges lie ahead, I will always be proud of her...I will always be thankful that I am her mother.
Happy 19th birthday, my baby girl!

By the way, the party was perfection, as well! We had such a nice time...

Menu for the evening:
Baked ziti (made with Disney princess pasta, ground beef, cheese, and tomato sauce)
Garden salad (with Green Jacket salad dressing, tomotoes, croutons)
Cheesy garlic bread
Tea, lemonade, sodas
Princess cake with ice cream for dessert

Gifts for the birthday girl:
The Food Network's 4 in 1 Panini Grill
A deep fryer
Batter bowl, spatulas, pancake turner, and other cooking utensils
Sensational Summer Grilling recipe book

Note: My girl is interested in cooking, and she's become addicted to watching The Food Network. So, these gifts were a bit selfish, sort would be nice, oh so nice, to have company in the kitchen and help with food preparation!

Party Favor Bags:
Precious princess purses filled with Dinsey princess colored pencils and stickers, candy, party blowers, and mini Uno card games.
After dinner, cake, ice cream and gifts, the girls played several rounds of Uno (with the teeny tiny cards), watched part of Aladdin, and then decided to go for a midnight swim at my parent's pool.
I can not tell you what a wonderfully fulfilling evening this has been- despite my teary-eyed feeling of having a daughter who is 19, I LOVE knowing that she and her friends can still be little girls once in awhile, play silly games, get excited about Disney princesses, and find the wonder in the world from the perspective of little girls.

Hope your weekend brought you much happiness and some perfect moments as well!
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natalie said...

M and I will stop by to wish sweet birthday girl lots of birthday wishes. M has decided she doesn't like to talk on the phone, so I was disappointed when she wouldn't talk to your girl. We'd practiced her speech with lots of giggles and fun, sweet phrases, then she could only say "Happy Day!" on the phone! ARGH!!!

Perfect party post, indeed.

Vered said...

Wow... this WAS a perfect party!

19, huh? Time goes by SO FAST.

Happy Birthday. :)

Maggie said...

That is wonderful! Happy Birthday to her!

Christina said...

Happy birthday to your girl, and happy 19 years of motherhood to you! I love it that she wanted a princess party....and I love it that she wanted cooking stuff! Sounds like a truly wonderful party.

Allie said...

What a fun daughter you have. So we still get to have the princess parties!! Such a relief . . .

Arizaphale said...

Another friend's daughter demanded a Fairy party for her 21st!! I guess sometimes the thought of approaching adulthood is too scary. Nice to stick with being a kid for as long as you can.
I am so glad you had a wonderful evening. Good luck with the cooking thing!!! and Happy Birthday Daughter

Elaine A. said...

That cake is amazing!! And I totally wan one of those Panini grills! Happy Birthday to your girl! : )

Mia's Mama said...

what a perfect princess party!

Golightly said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to her! How bittersweet for you, I'm sure. Looks like a wonderful party. I think my mom got me kitchen stuff around the same age. Is it a coming of age thing?? LOL!

Kara!!! said...

um, that panini grill wants to visit my house :)

Maya said...

That looks like so much fun!

Childlife said...

What a perfectly fun party -- the cake is amazing! Such a sweet post too -- I know that I'm going to turn around one day and find my little girl suddenly 19 too. It warmed my heart seeing the wonderful mother-daughter bond the two of you have. Happy BSM!