Monday, December 29, 2008

18 years ago

It was a Saturday on this very day 18 years ago- a lovely day with perfect weather, though not as cold as I would have liked. Because we live in the south, the winter weather sometimes does not cooperate, and it feels more like spring. If you live somewhere with huge snowfalls and below freezing temperatures, you might wonder why I would wish for colder weather, but to me December should be winter really, and I love cold naturally, I was hoping for cold.

I was not nervous in the least....which if you know me, is unlikely at best. I worry about everything, and get nervous just thinking about things. But, the sun was shining down upon us, and I felt like this day was meant to be. Everything was planned perfectly, and I was finally ready to marry the man of my dreams.

Thinking back on that day now, I realize how young and foolish I was...I realize how much I did not know...I realize no one could have prepared me for what was going to happen to us in the 18 years to come. No matter what though, I would not change a thing. I would do it all over again!

It is shocking to me that we have been married for 18 years...I have wondered so many times in this space where all of that time has gone...usually concerning our daughter and how fast she has grown up, but the realization that we have fallen asleep next to one another for almost the last 20 years is many people are not fortunate enough to stay married for too long, so I feel blessed that we are still together...that he still loves me in spite of so much...that we have loved, laughed, forgiven, and created together for 18 years...

This anniversary has not been like I envisioned it...we are dealing with the husband's stomach virus, a sick cat, band practice for a New Year's gig, and the lethargy that comes after too little sleep because of all of the above...regardless, as I am typing this, I can hear the riffs of the bass and the beating of the drums from the band room, my heart swells with pride for the man I love and have loved for so much of my life...he makes me swoon. I pray that we enjoy another 18 years together or more!

The beginning of our official family: December 29, 1990.

May you be blessed with love and happiness for the upcoming new year!