Monday, June 23, 2008

BSM: This is Summer

" Out of the Sea Endlessly"
Ode to Walt Whitman
There are some things too big to fit on paper.
What if words could describe the ripples of the sea?
And if there were words, what would call us to it?
The heartbeat of the sea,
rocking, spilling its secrets onto the shore.
The ocean's pent up emotions pour out in the surge-
the surge, the surge, the "procreant urge..."
We are drawn to the erratic "convulsive breaths" of the sea
the swollen moon above
the gulls mourning their losses
the sucking sand pulling us in
as the sea whispers.
July 2007
I wrote this poem last summer as part of a poetry class for my master's degree. I try to describe in mere words why I love the sea so much...there really aren't words.
This photo is from this last week at the beach...when I look at it, I can hear the sounds, smell the surf, and feel the sucking of the sand...this is summer to me.
Keep reading below to find out more about the sights and sounds of this trip.
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Christina said...

Ahhh, so beautiful and serene....both the image and your words!

Dawn said...

The sky is great in this shot. Your poetry is lovely too!

Mia's Mama said...

What a calming shot. Ahhhhh calming :)

kim said...


Maggie said...

Calming is the perfect word for this...calming and peaceful...

Mel said...

Andi - I am so jealous. I am not a big fan of getting in the ocean, but I love to sit and listen to the waves, so your shot is perfect for me. I wish I were there.
And P.S. - Lurk away! ;)

Allie said...

Beautiful poem. Such a gift to be able to express yourself like that. Love the photo.

Golightly said...

I LOVE Walt Witman! Wonderful post! I wish I could have the Atlantic Ocean for a change of pace sometimes. It's just different.