Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the span of two weeks

I am fortunate to live in a state that allows me to travel to varied locations rather easily...
In the span of virtually two weeks, I have been to two locations on short trips- two very different places with weather extremes that are hard to believe happened in the same month!

First, I had the privilege of attending the lovely wedding of my second cousin. He and his now wife live in Orlando, Florida. Even though the wedding was the first weekend in November, it was so very warm and sunny there. It was an outside wedding that took place at 3:00 pm...just in time for the sunshine to burst forth from behind a huge palm tree and heat me until I thought I might spontaneously combust! Needless to say, the wedding was brief, but the festivities surrounding it were so amazing- THE most delicious Italian food for the rehearsal dinner the evening before the wedding, cocktail hour by the pool while waiting on the wedding party to take photos just after the wedding, a sit down dinner of several courses after the wedding, and a champagne brunch on the morning after the wedding. We did not stop celebrating (or eating) the entire weekend! It was one of the best times I have ever had at a wedding!

A shot of the aisle where the bride walked...lovely flowers and such a view!

The fountain in the plaza leading to the wedding exquisite location! The Mission Inn

Below, the daughter and I are really enjoying ourselves...and below that, our view just outside the the sun began to fully set.

Lastly, this is the morning of the brunch after the wedding. I am pictured here with my parents, the daughter, my favorite aunt (my mom's sister), my favorite cousin H. and his partner, B. It was really such a remarkable time!

Picture two weeks later....I just today arrived home from this: SNOW!

My parents, my brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter, (my niece) MEBS and I took a trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the first part of our Thanksgiving break. As we crossed the mountains to get to our destination, we traveled through a recent snowfall, and the temperatures were still so frigid that the snow had not yet melted. What fun! We took the opportunity to throw a few snowballs and take some photos. It was not too long, and we were hopping back in the warm car to thaw out! It's not every day that Southerners like us get to play in the snow, so we just had to take a few moments. We had a great time, and while we were gone, we celebrated my mother's 70th birthday with a delicious breakfast at a down home restaurant, a visit to a winery (tasting and purchasing!), dinner and a fabulous show. I am so blessed to have a close family with whom I treasure these travels.

This is MEBS with my brother. Below, is my father, a 70 year old child...gathering snow for a that he was going to throw at MEBS, just before she got him!

Now matter the weather in your part of the world, I pray that your holidays are blessed this the spirit of our holiday of Thanksgiving, I am thankful this year for family, friends, good times, happiness and heath. I hope that you, too, may experience a feeling of thankfulness, peace and love!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From under the mountain

It's me. I am here. Currently, I am buried under THE biggest mountain of life...just thought I'd say that I am still alive and kicking...trying to get out to take a deep breath...taking a minute to look around...whew! Back to the grind...sigh.