Friday, February 1, 2008

Old Photo Friday- 5 Generations

Butter beans, fresh field peas, snap beans, fried chicken, home-made buttermilk buiscuits, sweet tea, and Milky Way cake. These days are long gone. This photo, circa 1989, represents my heritage. My father's people are from Dublin, Georgia...down home seriously southern folks who know how to cook and know how to eat. Besides me and the daughter, my father is the only one in the photo that is still living. In years past, he has had to bury both of these women who helped raise him into the most amazing man. I ADORE my dad. He has taught me so much in my life- about generosity, work ethic, loyalty, patience, and unconditional love. This is the man that I had to tell, at seventeen, that I was pregnant. This is the man who was disappointed, but did not take long to wrap his arms around me and say, "It's going to be alright." This is the man that I am so thankful to have in my life. I could not have asked God for better parents. Just wait until you meet my mom!

Have a fabulous weekend...hope you are able to enjoy your family!


natalie said...

Oh, Andi...

I'm crying. That is such a special photograph.


Arizaphale said...

I love old photos. I must join in with this theme for Fridays!
Family is the best thing in the world, that's why it breaks my heart that Himself's kids are such a fragmented bunch. Re-building families is exhausting work and possibly beyond me.
This is a lovely picture of you with your new babe and your dear family.

Mendy said...

Well spoken! Five generations is amazing! Just priceless and your words to describe your dad was so sweet!