Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blood, sweat and tears

I feel ridiculously foolish...and I am in a tad bit of pain.
Spent most of today at a local emergency medical site...slammed my finger in the car door. This is completely why they call these things "accidents." I honestly do not know how this happened! I just recall snatching my hand out of the door and seeing the blood gush. I was worrying about my fabulous boots that I got for Christmas (LOL); no blood stains on them, when all of a sudden...the pain hit!
Let's just say that I would be the first person to spill the beans if anyone was ever threatening to make me reveal secrets by removing my fingernails! (You know you've seen that on movies, where they use torture tactics to make people talk!) Anyway, I had seven shots, three x-rays, one fingernail removed, stitches in the nail bed, two perscriptions, and a woozy head when it was all said and done. I am THE worst kind of baby with NO tolerance for pain. The husband most likely has sore spots on his hand where I grabbed and held so tight.
So, I have been resting in bed the rest of the day coasting on a cloud of pain medicine. I will be fine...just wanted to admit to being THE clumsiest person on earth. This post has taken FOREVER to type, so I am going to go crawl back beneath my cozy comforter now.
Hope you had a nice weekend!

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natalie said...


When in the world did this happen? If it wasn't after 10PM, I'd be calling to check on you. I'm coming by tomorrow...

Dang, friend...I'm so sorry.