Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day Blues

Well, I am not exactly leaping on this Leap Day, I am resting at home after a scary day yesterday. If your read my friend, Natalie's blog yesterday, then you read that several of us had scary days yesterday!

I have been dealing with a certain uncomfortable health issue for awhile now...I have had HUGE amounts of irregular cramping and bleeding over the last few MONTHS...not long ago, the doctor did an ultrasound, but the lining of my uterus was so thick it was hard to see anything, so he suggested a d&c. The surgery I was supposed to have next week was quickly moved up to yesterday. I was right in the middle of my second class, and I had this frightening feeling that I was bleeding...on the carpet. Not the best thing for middle schoolers to see, so I went to the bathroom to take care of that. (Mind you, I had already been twice to do just that and it was only 9:30 in the morning. If you are a teacher or know one, then you know it is next to impossible to get to the bathroom that many times in one day...) I took a minute to call the doctor's office, and the woman who answered the phone asked if I could come in right that minute to see the doctor. (Normally, I am so obsessive about my job and not leaving my students unless I absolutely have to do so, I would have said, "Of course not...I am a TEACHER....I am at work.") But this time, thankfully, I was scared enough that something just took over me. I explained to my assistant principal (poor man...I usually say more than I need to when I am nervous) then I just left. I did not worry that I had no substitute, no lessons that someone else could do with them...I just left.

It worked out that they could add me on the the end of my doctor's surgery schedule for the day. (He does them on Thursdays.) I walked right across the parking lot, signed myself in, and started calling my family and friends. The procedure was fast, and I just remember waking up with a sore throat and a bit of cramping. I slept most of the evening, and the sweet daughter took care of dinner and phone calls. My parents were AMAZING, as I had driven myself to the doctor's office, and could not drive home after surgery. They managed to make it down there for hugs and kisses just before I went back. Daddy drove me home, and mom drove my car. They brought groceries that the daughter would find it easy to cook for us over the weekend. The husband brought me ice cream for my sore throat.

So, today, I feel a bit like I was hit by a truck, but I am taking it easy and resting. Please pray that the bleeding and cramping will STOP! I am a little nervous that it won't. After 35 consecutive days of it, I do not know what I will do if this does not make it better.

Thanks for checking in with me...if you have time, go by and check on Nat's H. He must be feeling like he was hit by a truck today too.

Hope your Leap Day is lovely! Have a happy weekend...

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Arizaphale said...


Hope you're feeling better. I can just imagine what you went through. It really pees me off when the girls in class want to be excused because they've got their period. I mean usually we have to cross our legs and hang on don't we? So I can imagine how bad it must have been for you to have walked out like that. Hugs, thoughts and prayers. Let's hope this does the trick!!

natalie said...

I'm hope you're feeling tons better today, friend.

I've got dinner coming in just a while!!!