Monday, April 21, 2008

BSM: Sunshine

Lucky enough to capture a bit of sunshine in your life lately? Tracey's post for Best Shot Monday this week made me focus on the sunshine in my life right now...

the daughter when her heart sings, and her little bow mouth turns up into an real smile
a nuzzle from a cat after a long hard day
a phone call from the best friend in the whole wide world asking to spend time with me
watching a newborn baby sleep and dream
snuggling the husband on our couch while watching a movie
the smell of freshly made coffee
my favorite songs drifting into my ears from headphones, enveloping me
a walk in a nearby park, wading in the water
soaking up the rays of the sun on a spring afternoon
buying some new clothes for spring
the taste of berry key lime cheesecake-sharing it with someone you love
the sight of people emerging from winter's cocoon, enjoying the spring
laughter, loud and silly, from girls you love
newly painted toe nails and bare feet walking through the fresh grass

Here's hoping you have quite a bit of sunshine in your life right now too! Enjoy your week.


Arizaphale said...

And whose freshly painted toenails would those be????

What a lovely list of sunshine. I am feeling grim today as it is my last day childfree and I know I must spend it on schoolwork and it makes me feel sick. So what am I doing? Bloggin' of course.

Christina said...

Ahhh, such simple pleasures that bring such joy and beauty to life! Sunshine indeed. Such a warm, comfortable image.

Phyllis Sommer said...

what a nice feeling this picture evokes!

melody is slurping life said...

The perspective of this photo rocks. Love those toenails. :)

salleebythesea said...

Yes. I agree with all of that (well, maybe not the cat...)and perhaps daugher would be plural...great picture...the daughter and her friend I know?

natalie said...

DANG! I didn't even score a place on that list??????????

Sweet, sweet list...and all of those SHOULD bring sunshine.

Bethany said...

:) I found you.
I am hoping that I don't fall into this world like you and mama.
I like this one. I enjoy some of those same exact things.

Love you!