Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Best the Whole Wide World

She has a blog! PLEASE drop by and wish her well...
This woman is my dearest friend in the ENTIRE world! She would remember better than I do about why we started saying, "my best friend in the whole wide world," but in the scope of my life, she IS my very best friend in the whole wide world...she knows me better than I know myself. She is patient and kind, much more so than I deserve. She drops everything to be by my side when I need her. She not only does this for me; she does it for MANY. She is perhaps THE most selfless person that I know. We share fun times, laughter, secrets, hard times, and JOY. She knows ALL of my secrets, my faults, my vices...and loves me in spite of them! She has had some of the most intense challenges in her life, and has handled them with grace and humility...she continues to have faith that God is by her side through it all, while encouraging others along the way. She is STRONG...stronger than I could ever imagine being...when others would give up, she keeps going on.

Sallee and her husband will be going on a trip to his home land- Northern Ireland- this summer, and she will be blogging all about it! I can not wait to log on every day and discover Ireland along with her! I hope you will come along on the journey!

Sallee, welcome to the blogosphere! I have found that I like it here. The people are quite nice, and the freedom to share is exhilarating! I love you, my most effective.

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salleebythesea said...

In the words of Elvis, "thank you,thank you very much" (can you see my curled lip?) : )
However, remember Billy Dean? "all of this I would have missed if there hadn't been you". You are the greatest friend on ditto back to you!
As for why we say "very best friend in the whole wide world" YOU said it (in your usual innocent exhuberance) and a couple of people made a little, being the rebels that we are, we determined to always say it as it was truth! : )

I am not at all surprised that you enjoy the blog so much. When you said you were reading them I knew you would start one. You like to share, you are open, I am better at it (thank you) but still guarded.

So, does this remind you somewhat of the notebooks we kept in MSC? (maybe not THAT personal).

so, my vbfwww...I love you!