Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Ok, so I missed BSM...how did that happen? I am on summer break, and while this is the most luxuriously lazy time of my life, I sort of lose all track of days...I am fully aware that it is 2008, but I can't easily recall what day of what month it is...I did realize that it is July (mostly thanks to the 4th of July celebrations), but I completely missed Monday. Yesterday was kind of a blur to me...so here is what I would have posted on Monday!

BLUEBERRIES...it was blueberry picking time on Friday morning. My friend, Natalie, invited us to tag along with her and several of her friends to a nearby blueberry field. So many little ones and their moms...the daughter and I enjoyed the frenzy of it all...lost buckets, toddlers picking up blueberries off of the ground, and eating handfuls rather than putting them in the bucket...I laughed so much....We had such a nice time.

This is a bad picture of the husband's dessert last night...the daughter made a delicious chicken stir fry with Thai rice for dinner, and I made a light cream to go with these luscious berries. I have also found several not-so-good-for-you blueberry recipes that I will try over the next several months with the blueberries I put in the freezer. For this week's Best Shot Monday, Tracey talked about the "earth's currency" and I think these blueberries are exactly that...for more BSM photos and stories check out her place.

Another wonderfully fun thing that we did recently...a day of swimming and several games of Candy Land afterwards. How long has it been since you have played this game? Well, for me, since I have a nineteen-year-old, it has been quite a while! Of course, I remembered how to play; it is so simple, but things on the board game have changed a bit. There are bridges and people that I did not recognize...including the King and the Candy Man. What fun. MEB is such a delight, and is totally in love with playing games. She is also very good at most of them...she wins more often than not. Oh, how I love this little girl. You can read more about her here and here. And even here. She makes my heart sing... I love that my parents keep her, especially during the summer, since I get to see her more often. She will start kindergarten in the fall...and most likely will not need to go back to Nana and Papa's house to be kept since school is all day. We are all struggling with that...her growing up and not being a baby anymore. *sigh*
So, I will enjoy many more games of Candy Land and Monopoly Junior while I can!


salleebythesea said...

I DO love blueberries (hint, hint)and although I am gone to visit
Daughter 2 in Florida....I do KNOW my best friend in the whole wide world will have some really wonderful dessert when I come back...(hint hint)!
I am SOOOOOO tired...although the drive down was very smooth and very full of serene solitude.
Keep B. in your prayers Thursday.
Love you and miss you already.

salleebythesea said...

PS, you should visit "Myrtle".... : )

Arizaphale said...

Firstly thanks for youe wonderful insightful comments recently. I must confess I was wondering what your opinion would be when I wrote the 'Freedom Writers' post. Knowing how you're a Language Arts teacher and all!!!! :-) I am trawling the internet to find 'Stand and Deliver' somewhere.....
Secondly, glad you had a great time picking blueberries with Nat. Dessert looks wonderful and healthy. I am sure you can find some healthy blueberry recipes too! Surely???? :-D Keep enjoying that vacation. Mine is running out tooo fast.

Mike said...

Still looks tasty.


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