Monday, July 28, 2008

BSM: Reflections at Sunrise

Tracy at Mother May I is reflecting on things for Best Shot Monday this week, so I took cues from her and composed my own list of current reflections.

Just returned from my last hurrah of the summer, as I start back to work / school this week on Thursday (yikes!!), so most of my pondering happened in the face of this glorious place- the crashing waves, the sucking wet sand, the delirious laughter of children playing in the nearby pool...what a place to reflect! This is Daytona Beach, best shot above is at sunrise on our last morning after spending a week there.

While there, I reflected upon the following:

* going back to work this week- trying to gear myself up for a less stressful year...hoping and praying that all will go well with new administration and new students...I took deep breaths while trying to soak in this sea thinking that would rid me of all of my worries...

* my parents- growing older and more fragile- my father celebrated his 70th birthday while we were at the beach...70 years old. That sounds so old...they are such active and busy people that they do not act like that age, so it is easy for me to forget...I already ache for the day that I will have let go of them...*sigh*I can not even think that thought all the way through...but I have just in the last few years really realized the years in them...the photo below is my father with his two grandgirls- my daughter (the oldest grand child) on the right and MEB, my brother's daughter (the youngest grand child) on the left.

* how fast children grow up- the daughter just turned 19 this summer, and we were all talking about how she would be 20 years old this time next summer...(*oh, my heart*) During this conversation, all of a sudden the daughter realized that MEB will soon be 6 (in November), will start kindergarten in a week or so, and will be almost 7 this time next summer...(boy was that shocking for her!) I told her that is what it has been like for me to watch her grow so very fast before my eyes...that is one little girl that the daughter simply is so nice for the cousins to be so close; when the daughter is around, MEB will not have much to do with the rest of is really quite touching, and I hope MEB will still love the daughter that much even when she gets older and older...The photos below are from MEB's first slumber party! My brother, sister-in-law, and their kids were in Daytona with us (we stayed in different sides of the resort), and MEB got it into her head that she was going to spend the night with the daughter planned a slumber party with dinner, games, painting nails, make-up, pop-corn, late night television (Disney Channel), and much much was so sweet!

MEB is wearing my shoes in the first shot...a sure sign of growing up- wearing heels! Nana (my mother) was our nail tech for the evening in the next shots...she was so gracious in applying polish to everyone's fingernails and toenails...with such skill and no complaints! And of course, MEB wanted to sleep in the daughter's bed...

* lastly, I reflected upon the future- right now there are many uncertainties for us- financial difficulties, the daughter's college / job (or lack there of), where life will take us throughout the next several months...I continued to take deep breaths and realized that God is in control of it all, and I need to trust in Him...I took this last photo as a sign that all will be well! (not sure if you can see the rainbow, but it is there...His promise.)

Check out other stories and photos of reflections for this week here. Hope you have a great week!


Christina said...

So much to reflect upon! And the beach is the perfect spot to do so. That sunrise shot is stunning. I can't believe school starts back so soon for you!

tracy said...

Lovely! It reminds of the beach we go to in Delaware. We love it there. The boardwalk... French fries, saltwater taffy, candyfloss - oops! I mean sunrises, sand and surf!

Nothing like a last sunrise at the beach!!
Oh, and my mother is a teacher and the last half of August is pretty much a write-off. She buries herself in prep! You teachers!

Maya said...

Such great reflections for what sounds like a precious time on the beach!

melody is slurping life said...

Oh my. The beach shot just made me cry...we had cancel our beach vacation.

I want to thank you for this amazing view. Beautiful.

Arizaphale said...

Been and read through this once already but didn't have time to post (I MAY have been at work)....

These pics are glorious and it sounds like you had the idyllic final vacation of the vacation you were hoping for :-)

How funny that the daughter felt the passing of time through looking at her cousin. Welcome to our world eh?

My Mum and Dad are the same aga as yours. My Dad turns 72 this year. I am with you. I can't bear to think about the coming years and what they may bring. It's bad enough living 12,000 miles away.....still they'll be back in December yay!!

As Thursday approaches here I am thinking of you and the beginning of school and wishing you well. Funny, I watched 'The Breakfast Club' with the BA tonight and the teacher was bemoaning the fact that 'kids have changed'. The janitor said, "Kids haven't changed Dick, you have." Perhaps he's right? That movie was made in the 80s!!

Thanks for all your comments btw. I love reading them.

salleebythesea said...

I am SO wishing I had gotten to go with you to ONE of the beaches this summer (I really missed being at Myrtle beach this time...) but SOON...JEKYLL. One way or another!!! I need to bring Papa his gift. It isn't much...certainly not for a milestone like 70! He does NOT act 70!! I love him so much.
by the way...I might HAVE missed my calling...but it was NOT to be a NURSE!!! LOL! But THIS week...nursing the oldest. Thank you for praying for her.
love you.

tracey clark said...

I see the rainbow!!!

And thank you so much for the comment on my 'growing up' post! It was so kind of you. : )