Thursday, September 11, 2008



I can not think of words to say to express my feelings on this day. Someone I visit from time to time said so eloquently what my heart feels...please go there and take a moment to read Golightly's beautiful post and to remember. Then, follow the link and read the poem. You will be saddened, shaken, moved...

I could tell you a long and ridiculous story of what I was doing that day...but I will keep it short.
Let's just say I worked for an insensitive administrator who thought it was best not to tell any of us about the terrorist attacks. Yes, any of us, including adults- teachers and students...she told no one. I did not know until I was on my way home that afternoon at 4:30. I pulled my car over on the side of the road to listen to a sketchy news report, and instantly knew something was not right. I called my mom on my cell phone to ask what was going on. She was upset because she called the school to talk to me and was assured that we were being told. Nope. Not me.

Today is almost over here. It is just past 11 pm...I am working on more school work and wishing I could go to sleep. My thoughts and prayers today have been with those that can never really forget. Our world has changed...our lives are all vastly different than they would have been had this unspeakable tragedy not happened. But, I do not remember everyday. I live my hectic life. I worry about ridiculous things. I stay busy. I do not grieve every single moment. I did not lose what many lost that day. So, I am pausing once more just before midnight to pray once more for those that still hurt.

I hope that your day has been blessed with freedom, safety, and love.

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Golightly said...

Thank you Andi. I'm so sorry you had to find out the way you did. As I thought about that day and the days that followed I recalled the "ugly moments" in our country as well. People NOT allowing American flags to fly on school buses in our OWN country, finger pointing over something so profoundly out of our control. And other insensitive people making selfish decisions, not selfless decisions. Yuck.

But we are of the human race. Sinful in nature. Need I say more.

All I can say is that it protected the children, there if only a few more hours, until then they could talk directly to their parents about this tragedy. And maybe that is the good that came out of that.