Monday, September 22, 2008

Case Report MO8 178700

Date: Septemeber 22, 2008

Time: 9:15 AM

Address: My home, my sanctuary, the place where I am supposed to feel safe...

Incident Type: Burglary

As of 6:15 PM, I was on my way home this evening, and I phoned to tell my husband that I was finally leaving school and coming home...We have Open House at school this week, and I have been spending many hours after school lately getting bulletin boards done, getting my room clean, and trying to make sure that I am ready for the parents. Well, this is what my husband says to me when I call, "Do you know already?"

"About what?" I reply. I have no idea what he is talking about.
"Someone broke into our house this morning. Just come home, " he replies.

I feel sick inside, and almost drive right off of the road. I hurry on home though. Before I get there, I call my parents. My mother, still shaken even though this is 8 hours later, tells me that my child, my sweet precious baby girl was home at the time, and she saw the intruder and called the police. I literally almost threw up right then. I told her I would have to call her back, and I drove like a maniac to get to my child....I just wanted to rest my eyes on her, to hold her, to shield her from this horrible world...She is ok. She doesn't feel like talking about it with me yet, but she did let me hold her for awhile.

The story: This criminal kicked in my front door at 9:15 this morning...fifteen minutes after my husband drove out of our driveway to go to a doctor's appointment. Broad day light. On a busy street. My husband had a thought to set the alarm system, then for some reason decided not to since he was not going to be gone long. This criminal entered our house at the same time the daughter dialed 911 on her cell phone and tiptoed down the stairs from her room to see what made such a horrible noise. You have to understand that she has not strated back to college yet, and she sleeps late most days. She is a ridiculously heavy sleeper. I have said many times that a tornado could sweep the house away, and she would sleep through it all. She did not sleep through this today. She came practically face to face to this man who had made it all the way into my dining room. She screamed when she saw him, and he ran. Thanks and praise to you, God, my Father...I can not say how much has gone through my head about what this man, this criminal, could have done to my baby instead of running. I will have this sick feeling in my stomach from now on about that. The daughter called my parents, and she spoke to my mother. My mom told me that she had no idea who was even calling, the daughter was screaming and crying so mother will remember that call forever. My father beat the police over here trying to see about his first granddaughter. My sweet parents. They come to our rescue so often; I just can not express how much they mean to me.

The reality: They will most likely not catch this man. He was probably on foot. He was brave enough to kick in a dead bolted front door in broad day light on the front of my home while cars drove by and neighbors walked their dogs and people jogged down the street. This street is not secluded or seedy; it is a very nice neighborhood. People are always around, out on the streets, and living their lives happy and unaware of what is lurking. We are not safe anywhere.

The Blessings: My child is alive and safe. My home will survive. The door can be replaced eventually. Nothing was taken. But most importantly, my child lives to see another day.

Please go fnd the ones you love; give them a kiss and a hug...let them know you love them. Then, be certain that you have an alarm system. Finally, pray with all of your might that the darkness will not reach you. I hope you have a wonderful week!


natalie said...


I'm shocked. On one hand, I'm glad the daughter was there to call the police and because she was there, he didn't take anything. On the other hand, I wish she hadn't been there so hadn't had this experience.

I'm so sorry and so mad. SO MAD.

Arizaphale said...

Oh Lord Andi,
I have just got to this. So late!
I really hope you guys are all ok. What a trauma for you all. What the hell precautions are you supposed to take if they will kick your door in in broad daylight?????
My Bestie had a break in while she was asleep. They came in through a back window, walked through the house picking up anything portable of value, bag, purse, camera etc and out the front door. She slept through it.
I hope you guys are dealing with the aftermath ok. Post soon.