Monday, September 8, 2008


Hugging something other than a tree.
Came home from work today...sick.
Apparently, there is a stomach virus going around our middle school.
I was not aware of this...until today.

Image credit.

I am in need of a new camera, all my own.
Mine is currently on vacation in the daughter's purse.
She happens to be in Daytona Beach, Florida with my parents and my favorite cousin.
My camera has been on hiatus with the daughter for some time now.
This is why I have not posted any photos lately.
In my sleepy sick dreams, I dreamt that the husband bought this for me.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
I am staying home from work...sick.
What a nice gift that would make.
Not likely though.
One can dream, right?


natalie said...


I'm so sorry you're sick!!!!! YUCK!!!!! And on your birthday! M and I will visit you this weekend with lots of love, if you're feeling better!

Golightly said...

Oh dang! You woke up!! Will he buy it for you? Will he? Will he?

I'm waiting and hoping on it...


Hope you're feeling better now.