Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Theme- Books (the Coffee Table variety)

I would so much like to play along...I am NOT a photographer. I have what my friend Natalie called a point and shoot camera. That makes me laugh, as if just pointing and shooting would allow me to take fabulous photographs. Well, it seems I can mess up just about anything!

Anyway, I wanted to participate, so here it goes.

I am a coffee table book junkie. We have WAY too many huge books that were loads of fun when I purchased them, but are too big to go on the shelves with all of the other books. This photo is just of the coffee table now, not the stacks of other books that are nearby. Something appeals to me in an oversized, glossy, specialty book...we have topics ranging from tropical homes in the Philippines to why cats paint, from Marvel comics to Impressionism...a nice ecclectic bunch of enormous good-for-nothing books.


Bonnie said...

I love coffee table books too !! This is what I love about Theme Thursday ... learning more about photography. Stacy will share hints and tips along the way and we will all be able to improve !

Cari said...

I love coffee table books too. Lovely! Thanks for playing theme thursday with us. Night owl here too...

Stacy said...

I love coffee table books and that does sound like quite the collection! Thanks for participating this week...and hope you come back for more. :)

natalie said...

Yeah!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!! WOHOOO!!!

I like coffee table books myself, but haven't developed much of a collection yet. I'll work on that when I actually have a coffee table on which to place them.

Arizaphale said...

Not 'good for nothing'....they're always good as door stops :-) I have the entire works of Beatrix Potter keeping the study door open right now. hahahaha
I always feel like a fraud on TT and BSM as I am not much of a photographer but there is always room for improvement eh?

Now, as to your playlist question.
Go to 'layout' in your blogger dashboard. On the RHS of the page is 'Add page element'Click on this, select HTML/Java Script and click, a box will open, paste your code in there. If you need to confirm anything just ask!!
btw: The player will default to the top of your sidebar so if you want it further down you will have to click and drag it down in the 'layout' page.