Friday, January 25, 2008

Phrase Friday

I do not have a little one, so any phrases that I heard today most likely came from middle schoolers, and sometimes they are just not cute...those phrases could be downright offensive. Today, though, I heard the most hilarious story involving one of my favorite phrases.

J (7th grade boy, one of the most disruptive): Ms. G, you better come see about Ms. D's sub.!!!

Ms. G: What? Why J?

J: Well, she went nuts and is laying in the grass crying!

Needless to say, Ms. G called the office for help. The sub had gone out of the classroom during class and stretched out on the grass and was crying! This particular lady has never been a sub at my school before, and obviously she was having a really bad time. We are still not exactly sure what happened. I just could think of so many other things that I might do if I decided to "go nuts" at work one day...I would NOT lie down on the grass and cry! I felt sorry for her, but I could not help laughing...tears came I laughed so hard.

By the way, my cluster leader sent me to Ms. G's room to hear this story so I could find out if she was going to be my sub for Monday and Tuesday when I am at a workshop...LOL!

(She's not.)

Have a GREAT weekend...go nuts...but enjoy yourself!


Arizaphale said...

Hi Andi!
Are you Natalie's Andi?
I am pleased to see anothe middle school teacher here on the BSM circuit. I also laughed when I read this. Except I REALLY feel for this teacher. I have struggled with the transition from primary etaching to secondary and earlier last year I was often beside myself after a normal class let alone a relief!!!! Don't think I EVER went out onto the grass and cried though. I hope someone counselled her through it. Perhaps she was really communing with God through nature and finding a new career path there amongst the daisies :-) Poor thing.
The most useful inservice I did last year was Bill Roger's Cracking the Hard Class. Some major tips include 'describe reality' rather than asking questions. eg "You're talking when I am." Rather than "Why are you talking?" another thing was to keep a sense of humour and to kick troublemakers out quickly before they enlist support :-)

Mendy said...

I resemble going nuts! Mother of two little girls, 2 & 3! Both sick the last few days with a virus! I wonder what my neighbors would say if I ran outside & went nuts, kicking & screaming! Oh well, it gives me a laugh as well! I will live vicariously through a nutty grown woman!