Sunday, April 18, 2010

Three Months and 21 years

Just three mere months ago, I didn't yet know this amazing boy. My heart hadn't yet realized how much it would be consumed with every yawn, sneeze, gurgle, bubble, or tender-headed kiss. In these months that have flown by, the love has not only blossomed, it has gotten more and more fierce with each passing second! I had no idea that humans could love so intensely. It's just like I felt with the daughter, only times two and somehow different. We could (and do) spend hours looking at his fingers and toes, listening to him try to laugh, and wondering what he will be like as he is older...we'll know soon enough, as time passes all too quickly. Happy 3 months, precious elijah graham.

Dessert first! In honor of one of the daughter's friend's 21st birthday, we made these adorable cupcakes from Bakerella. I couldn't believe how really simple they were, and just too cute!
Happy 21st Angelina Ballerina!
Next, in honor of the daughter's new apron, we decided to make a yummy pasta dinner from one of PW's recipes...this is one I printed off many, many months ago, and just got around to making it. Really yummy if we do do say so ourselves. A nice ending to a lazy Saturday and a really rough week!

She's learning how to multi-task like all moms do! Baby E. is not exactly crying, but wanting more of his mommy's attention like all babies do. I can not say how interesting it is to watch the daughter mother a warms my heart, makes me laugh, and surprises me at each and every turn. Being a grammy is THE best job in the world!

Hoping you have been able to enjoy something refreshing this, food, or something fun! Have a wonderful week.


sallie said...

All I can say about how you feel is I TOLD YOU SO! : ) It is a feeling you can not explain to anyone...that MUST experience it. Yes...grandchildren...the icing on the cake of life...nothing like it...

Arizaphale said...

Looking forward to it!