Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Just when I thought we were on the fast track to SNOWS! Usually, here in the South, we have a brief mild spring, and summer temperatures follow quickly behind causing smoldering heat waves that you can literally see coming off of the pavement. Temperatures last week were already hovering near 70 degrees. Today, school is cancelled for a snow day. Bizarre!

The daughter and I took a walk and played outside yesterday in the late afternoon...we laughed and frolicked like we were giddy children. In fact, we could hear the squeals of delight from nearby children. We encountered several people taking walks through our neighborhood. It was just lovely. Afterwards, we went inside, sat by the fireplace, had hot chocolate, and snuggled beneath blankets watching the snow fall from the windows.
We so rarely get snow that it just amazes us often shuts the city down, and causes people to panic. This time, schools did close, but most everything else is open. My sister-in-law has to work, so the daughter and I are going to keep my niece, MEBs. Another rare treat!
I see the sun shining already and the glimmer of newly fallen snow that will not last too long. No matter how quickly it disappears, this will be a treasured memory for us for a long time to come!

And our best shot...our happy smiling faces! For other Best Shot Monday stories and photos, spend some time with Tracey!



natalie said...

Isn't it delightful? And this morning...the sun glittering off the white snow ( is breathtaking!!! It's 8:55 and we've already taken a walk and crunched on the leftover snow before it's gone!

Farmer Gal said...

Smiling faces... That always qualifies as a 'best shot', huh?

It seems like the natural order of things has flip-flopped... Here in the CO mountains we have sunny and 70+.

Jen said...

What a pleasant surprise. We got snow here in Nashville too. I hope you enjoyed it while is lasted. Beautiful photos.

Arizaphale said...

That last shot is adorable! You look about 12!!!!!
Yup, no doubt about it, the weather has gone wild everywhere!