Monday, March 9, 2009

Picnic in the Park

Weather seems to be very unpredictable around here these days...we had snow last Sunday and 70 degree temps yesterday! The sky was gloriously bright, and the buds on every tree seem ready to burst forth. A pleasant breeze was blowing, and it seemed like everyone should be outside!
I was busy grading papers ALL DAY on Saturday, and I was longing for the sun to touch my skin on Sunday. Have you ever felt like that? I was just aching to get outside, and we decided to have a picnic in a local park. Well, it seems that everyone in my city decided to do that as well. Washington Park, the park that we had chosen, was ridiculously packed, so we found another less popular choice to spend the afternoon- Coleman Hill. This is one of the highest areas in my city, a place from where you can see most of downtown from the top.

We found a shady place beneath a tree, and proceeded to soak it all in! What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Hope your weekend allowed you to rest and rejuvinate...have a wonderful week!

And my best shot:

It's really not the best shot at all, but the camera's battery chose to die after only two photos. So, this is all I have. To check out other people's really best shots, visit Tracey! bsm


Farmer Gal said...

Yes, I especially have that aching feeling for sun these days. Looking forward to spring! We've had some beautifully sunny days and some cold blustery days as well... It's like we get a taste of spring and then it's gone!

Arizaphale said...

Bwahaha. My camera always does that too! The BA is always reminding me to charge it.
I too have been marking all weekend. Algebra. Usually I love algebra but the levels of ineptitude I have had to deal with are enough to make you cry...
fifteen divided by five is get the picture.(Year 10s!!!)