Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday Mushrooms

Just so you know, it is not Monday. It felt like a Monday all day. One of those kinds of days. It is also not spring, but who can tell with the weather we've had lately. The mushrooms are even confused.
Today was our second day back after the holidays, but our first day with students.
I only thought I was well rested and relaxed. At the end of this day, I felt much like I had lived through five days in one. By my calculations then, tomorrow should be Friday!
Alas. It is not.
There are so many reasons why I love being a teacher. I love the moment when a student really gets it. I live for the days when my classroom is buzzing with activity and everyone seems tuned in to something fun that I have dreamed up....that happens, you know. Really. It does. I could go on and on about what I love, but today....with spring-like weather....and middle-schoolers....
Yeesh. I had to remind myself why I do what I do. I summoned up every single fabulous moment to remind myself that I do love teaching!
I imagined in my infinite wisdom that the students would return today sleepy and sullen and quietly withdrawn...kind of in the coma of too many late night television shows and sleepy afternoons of video game stupor...Ha! Comotose they were not. Quiet they were not. Sleepy they were not. It was not the worst day in my history of education. It was, however, a shock to my system. Perhaps, I was sleepy and quietly withdrawn and sullen...too many late night television movies and sleepy afternoon books...
Whatever the reason, school has returned with a vengence. The sad part is spring really is right around the corner for us.
Excuse me while I step away from the keyboard for a moment of prayer.
Hope things are great wherever you are. Happy New Year!


Arizaphale said...

HAHAHAHAHA; oh,oh, oh I feeeeeel your pain! My own will be with me all too soon. I am due back on the 22nd of Jan for staff meetings etc and the kids get back on the 27th. I think they spend the first day catching up with the people they did not see in the holidays and exchanging news and gossip. They usually do this through our lessons and look very surprised when we expect anything else of them! I'll add a prayer for you and after your example, throw one in for myself!
Hope the next days are better.

natalie said...

Ahhhh...can I TOTALLY identify.

I tagged you in a meme. Check it out! Love you!!!!!