Tuesday, January 27, 2009


My sweet cat, Horatio, died this morning. The husband and I helplessly watched him take his last breath at 6:25 am. This has been such a surreal day...my mind has been kind of cloudy. I tried to make it at school today, but the wonderful people with whom I work took care of things so that I could come home and well, take care of things. My precious parents and daughter helped me, and then the daughter kept me busy for the rest of the day.
Horatio had been sick since just before Christmas, so he has been much of my focus during my at home hours. I had some really tender moments with him, and I am fortunate for having had the opportunity to have such a great cat.

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Arizaphale said...

I am sending you great big 'catlover' *hugs* from across the miles. No other words will do.....so sad to read of this. They leave such a hole in your life.....

Glad your school was understanding.