Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Elijah Graham

We will call him Eli.

This is Eli's mommy and his great-grandparents putting together his new bed recently.

This is where Eli will sleep.
We now have a matress, crib sheets, a comforter, and some other cutie pie things for the boy.
Anxiously awaiting his arrival in February.
I am Eli's grammy.


arizaphale said...

What excitement Grammy! This reminds me so much of when the BA was anticipated. I moved back to the UK to have her and stayed with my parents until she was 18 months old. I was totally mollycoddled through my pregnancy and Mum and I had many a shopping trip looking for equipment. I was also loaned many many things by dear friends and additionally I sat home and sewed myself into a lather making crib covers and ruffles and girly things. The whole family was in a high state of anticipation as she was the first grandchild! It was such a special time.Once Eli arrives you will be kept on your toes so enjoy this special together time now. I'm sure you are!!! How's his mummy coping?

sallieseas said...

As I told your daughter...what a 60's kind of name...however, I do know that Three Dog Night was on the cusp of the 60's and 70's (same kind of time period though) as well as Cher and her son Elijah Blue Allman (76, but again...). I like the name.
and I am thrilled you took my advice and decided on connects to your love and music and your love of winning awards! LOL

sallieseas said...

OF music...not AND. geez